ZTE Announces Groundbreaking Deal with Malaysia Telecoms

ZTE Announces Partnership with Malaysia Telecoms

ZTE, a leading telecommunications equipment and solutions provider based in China, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Malaysia telecoms. The partnership aims to build a hybrid 5G core network that will incorporate future tech and applications, considering users’ needs in the future.

The two companies have been working on this partnership for over three years now, and their efforts will see Malaysia’s 5G project soar to new heights. This vision will be achieved by incorporating state-of-the-art technologies such as SDN architecture, hardware accelerations, 3D layer decoupling, and more.

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In addition, this Hybrid 5G core network will provide Malaysia with the best in class 5G connectivity and serve as a blueprint for other countries to follow. ZTE expects that the advanced technology used in this partnership will boost the development of an open, reliable, and efficient 5G network.

This development is critical as the world moves towards an increasingly connected and digital future. Datacenterdynamics reports that the growth of the core 5G network will inevitably aid the growth of smart cities, the IoT, Metaverse, and many more technologies that require efficient, low-latency, and fast internet speeds.

ZTE believes its partnership with Malaysia telecoms will revolutionize how data is processed, transmitted, and deployed across different avenues, significantly impacting future technologies. Steven Ge, the CEO of ZTE Malaysia, has stated that this partnership will benefit the spread of 5G in Malaysia, bringing innovation into the 5G market.

The rollout of this new 5G network has been relatively smooth so far. The Digital Nasional Berhad 5G plan is set to give telecoms in Malaysia shared access to government 5G networks. However, the DNB suffered a setback late last year when the new Prime Minister of Malaysia expressed the need to review the DNB 5G plans set out by the previous administration.

Keysight Tech to Add KORA Solutions Into CableLab’s 5G Lab

CableLabs has announced that its 5G Lab will play a key role in validating the interoperability of O-RAN or open radio access network components. This move comes during the 2023 5G challenge, sponsored by the US government and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

CableLabs host the event alongside one of its subsidiaries, Kyrio. The challenge is led by the Institute of Telecommunications Sciences and aims to accelerate 5G adoption, modular vendor solutions, and interoperable subsystems, fostering a vibrant and growing 5G community.

The CableLabs 5G Lab will provide an ideal platform for testing the interoperability of O-RAN components. This test is essential for ensuring that different network components can work together seamlessly, regardless of their manufacturer or origin.

In addition, CableLabs is helping to support the development of an open and standards-based 5G ecosystem by providing a validation service for O-RAN components. In the 2023 5G challenge, KORA Solutions will work with CableLabs 5G Lab to test subcomponents, verify various aspects, and measure performance.

It will enable CableLabs to validate Open Radio Access units, central units, and distributed units. In addition, the test will allow for optimizing products and designs for the Radio Access specification.

Meanwhile, Keysight has a massive test portfolio that it uses to verify end-to-end network elements, specifically for 5G, while also enabling security testing across the entire lifecycle of testing and integration sectors.

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