Yahoo Launches Metaverse Events In Hong Kong

According to the report, Yahoo has launched various metaverse activities in Hong Kong. These activities aim to explore the usage of immersive advertising technology. 

Yahoo’s announcement comes after Meta launched similar plans this week. Yahoo’s project, which would end on June 19th, features various activities. 

Among them are the latest trends in lifestyle, sports, entertainment, and exceptional metaverse experience. Additionally, these activities help secure the bond among the people during their lockdown. 

Yahoo Launches Metaverse-Themed Activities In Hong Kong 

As per the report, the metaverse showcases a three-story space. The visual elements used resemble Hong Kong’s – skyscrapers and neon lights.

Also, the ample space features bars, spot fields, NFT galleries, and rooftops. Furthermore, the firm invited Prince Chiu, a Taiwanese artist. 

Chui would display his basketball skills on the digital basketball court. In addition, the company would host visual exhibitions and concerts on Decentraland, a famous digital platform. 

It would feature a presentation from local artists and idol groups. Yahoo would also release limited NFTs during the period of the program. 

However, on June 17th, four members of the group, After Class, will perform on digital rooftops. Yahoo has promised that these events would be a blockbuster in the digital universe.

Besides the city’s famous nightlife outlook, the metaverse touched other areas. Among them is the digitalization of the Kwun Tong District. This District has undergone a series of reconstructions in the past years. 

In Yahoo’s metaverse, a series of NFT-themed artworks are shown on the first floor. The firm also brought local artists that helped to create an NFT exhibition themed “Recreating Kwun Tong.” 

These artists are Bread Poon, SiUKINS, Stirring Light, and Au Yeung Chun Hee. The artwork features different Kwun Tong stories. The creation was to bring together the collective memories of Kwun Tong.

According to Yahoo’s head of editorial in Hong Kong:

“Yahoo Hong Kong is passionate about the daily lives of people. As a result, it has provided various online services relevant to them using technology. We want to use the features of the metaverse to improve the bond among the people.”

Meta Launches Metaverse Activities In Hong Kong

Recently, Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, announced its metaverse initiative in Hong Kong. These metaverse activities would allow Hongkongers to understand the metaverse’s potential fully.

According to the report, Meta would introduce virtual reality experience in public spaces and local cafés. Furthermore, there would be training workshops for school students and educators. 

They would teach them how to use augmented reality (AR). Meanwhile, Meta hopes to test the usage of NFTs on its social platform, Instagram. 

Creators in Hong Kong would be allowed to upload their NFTs on Instagram. Afterward, the company would evaluate the process and see if it needs modifications. 

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