UK Doesn’t Seem to be Offering Good Quality 5G to Citizens

As the 5G technology is being rolled out throughout the globe, the telecommunication and technology companies have started analyzing 5G technology’s performance. This is how it has been established that the 5G technology is not the same throughout the globe.

The recent analysis has made it quite clear that the 5G technology’s service provides different speeds in different parts of the world. For now, it seems that the United Kingdom is on the wrong side of the 5G technology.

The recent analysis performed on the 5G technology in the United Kingdom has made it clear that it doesn’t have a satisfactory 5G coverage. The analysis report has shown that the download speeds offered through 5G in the United Kingdom have the slowest average speeds for downloads.

The download speeds are not the only problems that the United Kingdom is facing. The country even has one of the worst connectivity to the 5G technology. There are a total of 5 major countries where the 5G services were tested.

It is quite shocking that out of all the countries, it is the United Kingdom that had the worst connectivity. These results were collected as testing was performed on the connectivity of the 5G network.

The firm that carried out the test and shared results surrounding the 5G technology in the United Kingdom is Opensignal. Opensignal is a major mobile analytical firm that carried out is benchmark testing for the 5G technology.

The firm did it in order to assess and find out how their users would react when such a service is introduced. From the testing, the teams at Opensignal revealed that the download speed for 5G technology through any network would be 32.6 Mbps.

As of now, it is not a good approach from the United Kingdom as other countries have really high speeds for their 5G technologies. When it comes to Saudi Arabia, the download speed offered by their 5G technology is four times higher than the United Kingdom’s download speed.

Even now, the internet speed testing carried out in Saudi Arabia has managed to bring the highest outcomes when it comes to 5G. This is the reason why Saudi Arabia has the highest download speed for the 5G technology.

As compared to the United Kingdom, the speed demonstrated by the 5G network in Canada is almost three times higher than in the United Kingdom.

Several countries that have also carried out promising results from tests run on the 5G network include the United States, Germany, and Australia.

While the United Kingdom has been struggling to improve its quality, other countries have been thriving within the particular phase. Therefore, the United Kingdom needs to put in a lot of effort in order to make it back to the headlines.

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