UFC Champ Opts For Bitcoin Payment

The heavyweight champion of the UFC namely Francis Ngannou has informed his Twitter followers that he will be taking half of his UFC 270 purse in the shape of Bitcoins. He furthermore told his followers that he has entered into a partnership relationship with the popular crypto payment app “Cash App”.

A statement regarding Bitcoin has been made by UFC’s present heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou. In his statement, Ngannou said that he is a firm believer in Bitcoin which is going to become the future currency of the world.

The statement Ngannou made was posted by him at his official Twitter handle which has more than 620,000 fans. He also revealed that he is planning to receive half of his UFC perks in the shape of Bitcoins. He told specifically that his UFC 270 purse will be broken in half i.e. one in fiat and one in Bitcoin. His crypto partner, Cash App will be doing the conversion into Bitcoin and provide him with the digital wallet.

He commented that he was craving for long for becoming a Bitcoiner and finally the moment of excitement has come for him. He also spoke laurels about Bitcoin and suggested that undoubtedly Bitcoin is the future currency.

Ngannou is set to face his opponent namely Bon Gamin on 22nd January 2022 in California, USA. The champion will now join other UFC fighters such as Aaron Rodgers and Russel Okung who are already receiving their perks in Bitcoin.

While making the announcement, Ngannou also launched a Bitcoin giveaway scheme for his Twitter fans. He posted a message on Twitter suggesting that whoever will follow his tweet and post a certain hashtag will be rewarded with a fraction of Bitcoin. As has been told by Ngannou himself, he will be giving away at least US$ 300,000 worth of Bitcoins in the give-away scheme.

Earlier in the middle of 2021, MMA also became partnered with a crypto firm for providing crypto solutions. The decision was taken solely for the purposes of meeting the demands of MMA fighters who developed an interest in Bitcoins. At then it became a trend when sports celebrities from different sports started to convert their fees to cryptocurrencies.

When MMA became partners with crypto firm crypto.com it was the most expensive advertising deal that took place at UFC. Thereafter, UFC also compiled an NFT collection comprising memorable moments from the fight between Usman and Covington.

The reigning champion of UFC, Ngannou hails from the African region. He told his fans that the African region is one of the biggest crypto adopting regions amongst the continents. He stated that crypto is a usual norm in Africa and millions of people are familiar with cryptocurrencies. In addition, they are using blockchain technologies on daily basis for sending and receiving payments from and into foreign states.

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