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UAE Begins Project To Increase The Amount of Rainfall With AI Technology 

Recently, the clamor for freshwater has been increasing, especially in regions with low rainfall. Among the various countries experiencing low rainfall due to weather conditions is the UAE. 

However, the country’s meteorological center is set to solve the problem. According to reports, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has commenced a new project.

The NCM Commences Rainfall Project

This project aims to boost the amount of rainfall in the region. The NCM noted that it would integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the project. As a result, the centre would be able to produce accurate rainfall predictions. 

Meanwhile, the focal point of the project will be a research center and testbed in the country. Furthermore, the country would build an AI system that can combine observations from different sources.

Examples include satellites, rain gauges, numerical weather forecasts, and ground-based weather data. By combining these data, the station would predict cloud seeding locations and timings.

The team behind the project would present a prototype of the AI project in Abu Dhabi. The NCM can identify favorable cloud characteristics and timing with this new tech.

Additionally, it would help locate seeding locations, improve quantitative precipitation estimates, etc. By so doing, rain enhancement would become possible. 

The AI-based Project To Use Historical And Meteorological Data

Dr. Luca Monache, Deputy leader of the CW3E (the Centre for Western Weather and Water Extremes), will head the project through the UAEREP (UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science).

As stated by Monache, the team would design a complex deep learning system. This algorithm would allow the researchers to draw information from previous historical data. 

“By so doing, the centre would get the necessary inputs and cloud features it needs to forecast new cloud formation. Afterward, it would seed these cloud formations to increase rainfall,” she added.

Furthermore, the agency would combine these inputs with satellite data and weather predictions. This would provide data for the AI-based model to generate rainfall predictions. 

Alya Al Mazroui, UAEREP’s Director, Monache’s project would open various directions for future research. According to Mazroui, this would complement the efforts of previous studies.

Other projects the center is working on include ice nucleation, drones, and aerosol seeding. Also, the center is testing the usage of nanotechnology to increase water condensation. This would also enhance drop formation.

According to the NCM’s Director, Abdulla Al Mandous, the center will partner with different entities. Among them are major stakeholders involved in research on rain enhancement. Also, it will partner with international research firms.

Mandous believes this partnership would help to combat the issue of global water stress. He concluded by saying:

“Our efforts would allow us to develop new ideas and technologies to increase freshwater supply. This would be very useful for those in water scarce areas especially the arid regions.”

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