Topps Plans on Auctioning Rare 1952 Mickey Mantle NFT Card

The American company, which produces collectibles, candy, and Bazooka chewing gum, Topps, has made an announcement about its plans of auctioning one of the rarest baseball cards in existence in NFT form. This would be the Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle card and will be issued as a non-fungible token (NFT). The Topps 1 of 1 ‘Timeless Collectible’ will be sold on March 1st, 2022 on the NFT marketplace Opensea. The minting and auction of the digital collectible will continue till March 4th. The company’s website discloses that it is one of the rarest baseball cards on earth and it is highly sought after.

As far as the physical card is concerned, it has an estimated value of about $5.2 million and Rob Gough, the actor and entrepreneur, had purchased the card last year for this price. Beckett’s sources have disclosed that the card that Gough bought is one of six cards that have been given a grade of Mint PSA 9. Topps said that the sale for the ‘Timeless Collectible’ is backed by Mickey Mantle’s estate and Major League Baseball (MLB). Topps said that this coveted vintage relic comes from the annals of just a handful of prize collections and is transformed for the Digital Age.

The collectibles and candy company further said that the Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle card is one of the rarest collectibles in the world. It said that this would be an opportunity for fans to cement the legacy of Mantle on the Ethereum blockchain. Topps Timeless has entered into a partnership with Major League Baseball and Mantle Estate to provide people with the first-ever NFT licensed by MLB for auctioning on Opensea. In the last year, Topps has introduced a number of products based on non-fungible technology (NFT). The company has worked with Avalanche (AVAX), Wax Blockchain, and a variety of other collections.

In February 2021, select Walmart and Target stores were giving people Garbage Pal Kids (GPK) cards and could buy NFTs in physical packs. Topps has also introduced NFTs and MLB collections featuring the Marks Attack cards based on science fiction. Fanatics, the sports retail giant, had announced during the first week of January that they had acquired Topps for a value of $500 million. Topps had further added that there would only be one NFT made for the 1953 Mickey Mantle card and it would be minted on the Ethereum blockchain for the purpose of auctioning it on the Opensea platform.

The Topps website said that anyone can place a bit on the OpenSea platform in order to get the opportunity of adding this important piece of sports history to their own collection by getting the rare NFT. The website further disclosed that the individual who wins the auction will also have the opportunity of having a half an hour interview with the sons of Mickey Mantle, David and Danny Mantle. This is the latest NFT to be introduced and is indication how this trend is spreading rapidly across the market.

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