The Foundation of Metaverse: Virtual App for the US Population by Facebook

Did you know that Metaverse lets you enter a completely different world based on a futuristic virtual landscape? Well, the digital times and technology are evolving while Facebook has held its gates open for everybody in the United States of America willing to take their first step into the Metaverse. Quite recently, Facebook announced that Horizon Worlds will be open to anyone 18 or older across Canada and US.

Horizon Worlds is a world based on virtual reality that allows users to represent themselves as avatars of their choice and make to interact with other avatars used by users from around the world (in the US currently).

The Start of Horizon Worlds and Oculus VR Users

It was quite a rush when Horizon Worlds made the beta release in the past year for selected Oculus Virtual Reality users. The answers to invitations for joining the virtual landscape of Horizon Worlds were massively positive. However, with the release recently, there will be no need for anyone to join the Horizon Worlds from Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook will no longer be called by that name as it officially changed to Meta during October.

The name represents the knack of the company to indulge heavily in virtual reality hardware and software integration for producing futuristic digital world applications. The opening of Metaverse’s Horizon Worlds is a major step for the company.

What Does the Horizon Worlds Hold?

In Horizon Worlds, the users will be able to wear the virtual reality headsets from Oculus to enter a world full of entertainment and interaction. This will be where Metaverse users will be talking, gaming, and interacting with each other while representing unique legless avatars for themselves. You should know that Metaverse quite recently acquire the Oculus VR company for over $2 billion as the news suggests. And mainly because of that, the company (i.e. Facebook aka Metaverse) is having trouble holding onto a greater target audience.

Despite that, the new Metaverse virtual landscape in the name of Horizon Worlds is doing a great job with the niche audience that it has. However, the central of the company is to build services, products, and technologies that solely help sustain and grow the reach and purpose of Metaverse. There’s already a team of experts and highly skilled individuals who are working to better the latest design of Facebook’s Metaverse.

The company is set to expand its reach to Reality Labs by using its quarterly earnings. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also claimed to have said that the company will be using over $10 billion over the next year to build technologies for helping Metaverse. Zuckerberg for his company Facebook aims to have over one billion users in the Metaverse and over hundreds of billions of dollars worth of digital e-commerce taking place until next year.

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