Tesla Mastermind Elon Musk Proposes to Build a “Friendly Tesla Bot”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possible one of the biggest inventions of mankind. To date, it offers some of the most unique and interesting applications that have helped us make the world a better place. Despite the safety concerns, many of the industries leaders in the business world have given thought to making AI something more than it is today. But while other tech companies have been thinking, Elon Musk, the mastermind of Tesla, has already begun trying for a seamless and friendly “Tesla” bot.

Intended to be Friendly?

 During the AI Day at Tesla, the CEO Elon Musk states that the powerful and resource company is onto building a robot that is going to be friendly. What does this mean and how to comprehend it? Well, keep reading this post to find out more.

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Elon Musk is a powerful and highly influential figure in the tech industry. Leading space missions and trying to colonize Mars isn’t enough for him. The CEO is intending to become widely prominent in his industry by being the first one ever to devise and design a human-friendly robot that not only automates technical commands but also performs physical movements and operates more like a human being.

The great innovator is of the idea that the world for humans should be made better by humans. Also, he said that a world filled with Artificial Intelligence could be dangerous for humans. With that, he claimed that there’re only so many chances to succeed in making the world a better place with safe AI applications and devices.

While believing that AI could be dangerous to the world, he thinks that leaving such developments in the hands of those companies that are less responsible would be a mistake. The CEO assumes that he should be the one taking control of the AI-charged humanoid robot. Still, several experts see his role as contradicting with his previous statements and beliefs mentioned in his interviews.

Tesla’s Focus on the AI-Powered Humanoid Robot

Tesla is planning to focus on making ethical AI robots and devices that genuinely help the world around us. Elon Musk himself highlights the importance of safe Artificial General Intelligence and the even distribution of the said developments across the world.

Surely, it feels like building a new nuclear weapon that takes the form of a human in the arsenal of the world’s greatest tech leaders. However, in the presentation and unveiling of the humanoid Tesla bot which is 5 feet and 8 inches tall, Elon Musk suggested that you can easily overpower and outrun it.

The company Tesla is focused on making the lives of the population easier by developing something so unique in the name of the humanoid Tesla robot. The tasks you find boring, dangerous, or irritably repetitive will soon be performable by the said robot to help you get on with your life with more energy, time, and mood.

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