Springboro Artificial Intelligence Company Growing at Rapid Rate

A company in Springboro that achieved breakneck growth the entire year on multiple fronts is gearing to accomplish the same in 2022. A leader in artificial intelligence applications developed for chest imaging, Riverain Technologies is focused on saving lives by early detecting, diagnosing, and then managing lung disease. In 2021, the company was able to double the space it has in Springboro, increase its revenues by nearly 50% and also expand its partners and team size. It is planning on launching a variety of new products in the coming year. The increase in interest in the company’s products is fueling its growth, which includes apps that are designed for improving the early detection of lung cancer. 

According to Sanmitra Iwanski, a spokeswoman, there are also other applications, such as those for detecting disease in chest CTs and chest X-rays. The company relaunched its brand in 2021 and added a new message to it, which is ‘See Clearly. Decide Confidently’. According to Iwanski, the reason behind the growth of Riverain is the fact that it can help address a couple of challenges in healthcare. She said that the company’s products help in reducing repetitive steps and also empower radiologists in reading lung images quickly and with greater confidence as well. 

There are 25 people employed in Riverain Technologies and it is anticipating its workforce to double in the coming year. It intends to stay local while growing. The company had moved from its previous location at 3020 S. Tech Blvd. to 3130 S. Tech Blvd. where they have a new 8200-square-foot facility. This space had been especially renovated for meeting the needs of the company and preparing for its future growth. Iwanski said that they had just expanded their office for accommodating the growth they are experiencing. She added that they expected to continue growing at a rapid rate because there is a great deal of emphasis on early detection of lung cancer and lung health.

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She added that they were hoping to double the size of the organization and grow their revenue significantly in 2022. Riverain Technologies had been introduced in 2004 by Richard Glennon and Clay Mathile as Riverain Medical. These two entrepreneurs were based in the Dayton area and were longtime leaders. Both the Glennon and Mathile families remain engaged and active investors and advisers. Riverain had specifically begun with lung nodule and lung cancer detection. Iwanski said that the company has a horde of new offerings, which includes a recent submission to the FDA for the detection of pneumothorax.

This is a commonly subtle and life-threatening condition, which can lead to a collapsed lung because air enters the chest cavity. She said that their customers had disclosed that this problem caused them a great deal of concern in terms of patient care and workflow, so they were taking steps that could support their efforts. Iwanski said that lung cancer is responsible for 1 in 5 cancer deaths and this is because it is typically found at a late stage when the chances of survival have already declined. 

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