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Price Analysis of Yaw (YAW), Fountain Protocol (FTP), and Bitspawn (SPWN)

Yaw – 43.41% Surge

At the time of writing, the bulls are working really hard to sustain the pressure coming from the bears at a high price of $0.09484 per YAW. From the looks of it, the buyers will succeed in sustaining all the pressure that comes from the sellers’ end. This way, they will be able to push the price of Yaw higher.

Prior to the change, the trading price of Yaw was worth $0.070 per YAW. However, the bulls formed a strong 43.41% rally, which managed to push Yaw’s price to its current rank.

The trading volume for Yaw is also growing stronger with every passing minute. So far, the trading volume elevation being recorded is 322.65%. The RSI and the moving averages for Yaw are also within the bullish zone.

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If the trend keeps growing stronger, then the trading price of Yaw may surge to a high of $0.1256 per YAW. Going forward, the investors may continue pouring in more cash in favor of running the bullish trend. This way, they will be able to elevate the price of Yaw to $0.1571 per YAW.

Fountain Protocol – 42.97% Surge

Fountain Protocol has also experienced a great push in the past 24-hours, which has pushed its price to a high of $0.01618 per FTP. The data suggests that it was due to a 42.97% rally that the trading price of Yaw has been pushed up to its current high value.

Previously, the trading price of Fountain Protocol stood at a low of $0.009825 per FTP. The bears made all the attempts to keep Fountain Protocol at a low trading price but the bulls prevailed. They successfully pushed Fountain Protocol on the strong bullish track.

Even at present, the trading volume for Fountain Protocol shows a 386.36% growth rate, which is a strong positive sign for Fountain Protocol. If the trend continues and more investors keep joining it with strong purchasing sentiments, then Fountain Protocol’s price may surge to $0.02049 per FTP.

Bitspawn – 39.36% Surge

The trading price of Bitspawn was at a low of $0.005145 per SPWN when the bullish formed a strong buying rally in its favor. They continued purchasing Bitspawn, which ended up forming a 39.36% rally. As a result, the trading price of Bitspawn was pushed to a high of $0.005879 per SPWN.

The investors are still acquiring Bitspawn, which means they want the trend to keep going. To achieve this, the investors may attempt to keep the rally running. This way, the trading price of Bitspawn may grow up to a high of $0.006294 per SPWN.

As time goes by and the rally gains more momentum, the trading price of Bitspawn has the chance to surge to $0.006651 per SPWN.

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