Price Analysis of EOSDT (EOSDT) and FantomMoon (FMF)

The price of EOSDT (EOSDT) has reportedly surged by 62.59% in the past 24-hours. The investors seem to have turned bullish and are currently backing EOSDT up with their high investments. Due to the strong rallies taking place in the past 7-days, the price of EOSDT has grown up to $0.848.

Given the growth rate of EOSDT, the forecast shows that the situation would remain positive for it. Therefore, its price may continue rising and benefiting more investors in return. However, the growth rate may not remain the same, but it may carry on for a while.

If things turn out as expected from the forecast, the price of EOSDT may climb the ladder, moving up to $1.11. The investors may then get the opportunity to provide more assistance to the bulls in order to accumulate more EOSDT. This would eventually help push the price of EOSDT up to $1.46.

The relative strength index may soon fall into the positive territory that would help push EOSDT’s price up to $1.95. EOSDT reaching a particular price would mean that the bulls will have to succeed in demonstrating high power to the bears.

If the situation doesn’t go as planned in favor of the bulls, then the investors may start looking to the other side. This would result in investors selling their accumulations, which would bring EOSDT’s price down to $0.669.

If EOSDT’s price falls deeper than $0.669, then more investors would prefer to withdraw from their accumulations, bringing EOSDT further down to $0.522. This would be the best opportunity for bears to demonstrate their might and bring EOSDT down to $0.402.

The current situation of FantomMoon (FMF) seems to be almost similar to that of EOSDT in terms of investors’ orientation. As of now, the investors are siding with the upward growth of FantomMoon. Therefore, they have increased their investments, resulting in a 61.16% rally.

The rally is set to determine the rise of FantomMoon’s price in near future, and for now, the trend is positive for FantomMoon. If the investors manage to keep the trend line for FantomMoon in the upward direction, then FantomMoon’s RSI would follow it.

This would mean that the bears won’t be able to do much in dragging the price of FantomMoon. If the investors continue adding more bucks to the bucket, FantomMoon’s price would grow significantly up to $0.02333 from $0.01781.

This would create an atmosphere that would constantly motivate the investors to add more money and bring FantomMoon up to $0.0308.

On the other hand, the FantomMoon bears may increase their efforts against the bulls to try and bring FantomMoon down to $0.01229. However, it would require a lot of force from the bears’ end to first lower the confidence of the investors. If they manage to do it, then FantomMoon’s price may sink to $0.00836.

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