Price Analysis of CryptoCars (CCAR), MegaCryptoPolis (MEGA), and PolkaWar (PWAR)

As the cryptocurrency industry grows more mature with time, more sectors are being formed within the crypto-space. This is where the metaverse sector has come in, literally, stealing the show, and earning the spotlight.

Almost every person in the entire world would have played a video game for once in their lives. Therefore, people find it easier to grasp the metaverse sector among other sectors that have been launched into the crypto-verse.

The metaverse mainly comprises game tokens where the players get the chance not only get to play games but earn coins as well. The metaverse technology has redefined the way the virtual world interacts with humans. Over time, blockchain technology has taken the metaverse sector to the next level due to its enormity and diversity.

As the gaming sector alone has a following of over a billion, it is only a matter of time the crypto-metaverse sector boasts the highest user base in the entire crypto-verse.

The enormity of the metaverse sector can be measured by comparing the growth rate of cryptocurrencies from other sectors with the likes of metaverse tokens. The current crypto-market situation is the best time to do exactly that as the overall crypto-verse situation is bullish.

This means that every cryptocurrency within the crypto-verse is recording a rally but the metaverse tokens seem to be outperforming other cryptocurrencies.

If we look at cryptocurrencies from sectors other than metaverse, we would see their growth rates are as high as 15%, but not higher.

Whereas, metaverse cryptocurrencies such as CryptoCars, MegaCryptoPolis, and PolkaWar alone are demonstrating 54.45%, 25.67%, and 23.78% gains respectively. This proves that the demand rate for respective cryptocurrencies is much higher than cryptocurrencies of other sectors.

As for CryptoCars (CCAR), the 24-hour growth rate has been 54.45%, but the 7-day growth rate for CCAR is 77.44%. Similarly, the 24-hour growth rate for MegaCryptoPolis (MEGA) is 25.67%, but the 7-day growth it has recorded is 34.52%. Then comes PolkaWar (PWAR) with its 23.78% growth in the past 24-hours, which is almost half the growth (52.02%) it has observed in the past 7-days.

At the moment, the unit price of CryptoCars is worth $0.02463 and it may grow up to $0.06936 per CCAR if the rallies stick around. MegaCryptoPolis is currently observing a unit price of $10.91 per MEGA. If the rallies keep supporting the cause, then MEGA would reach a unit price worth $18.91.

As PolkaWar is following CCAR and MEGA on the same track, it may also experience a significant rise in its value in near future. For now, the unit price for PWAR is $0.2105 and may reach up to $0.373 if things go as planned by the bulls.

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