Money-Back Review – A Glance At The Services And features Offered By This Firm

Money-Back Review

Money-Back logoMoney-Back is a funds recovery firm that was launched back in 2017. It specializes in shielding traders and investors from all kinds of trading scams and helps in recovering the lost money. In this Money Back review, I will let you know about all the services of this firm and why you should prefer this firm over other available options.

The aim at which the firm was created is to help the victims of fraud and deception by recovering their money without charging extravagant fees. In the four years of its service, it has kept it up with the aim on which the firm was established. The management of Money Back professes that the lost funds can surely be recovered if sufficient proof and all details are provided exactly by the victim. If the information is incomplete or not accurate, then the investigation can lead to a close ally.

Money-Back website

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In the four years of its service, Money-Back has helped more than 1k people in recovering their lost funds. An amount of more than 13 billion dollars belonging to its customers has been recovered with its untiring efforts. The success rate of the recovery firm is almost 95 percent. On Trustpilot, the firm has a rating of 4.6.

Now let’s come towards the services offered by this firm so that you come to know what you are going to receive from this recovery firm.

Services Offered By Money Back

Money-Back is providing multiple services to help save the careers of innocent traders. The key services offered by Money Back include:

  • Investment and Trading
  • International Banking
  • Consultation and Recovery
  • Services for Merchants and Providers

Interestingly, Money-Back has hired professionals from the financial, psychological, and legal fields as well. They work to combine and make a strong team that is more effective in fulfilling the aim behind the creation of this platform. The staff is divided into different departments such as creative services, planning and strategy, research and media, and marketing data.

And the thing which makes its services even more likable is that Money back charges absolutely no fee if it doesn’t recover the money successfully. It is a point that has gained the platform unconditional support and trust of the clients.

Investment And Trading

The first service for which Money Back is famous is its expertise in dealing with investment and trading scams. In the case of a trading scam, when a customer contacts the firm, his claim is evaluated whether the case is winnable or not. The clients are required to provide every detail about the scammer. The information should contain at least the name of the brokerage platform and a contact number because this information is crucial to start the inquiry.

If Money back accepts your case, then it will start progress on your case from multiple angles at a time. It does so to save time because the lost time can go in favor of the scammers. In this time, the team reaches the scammers and deals with them in the required manner and also shares their information with the related ombudsman.

As the firm has a lot of experience, it knows exactly what to do in a given situation, and its strategy changes according to the situation of every case. In the majority of cases, when the team communicates with the deceivers, it warns them of strong legal action, which results in a settlement. Keep in mind that these matters consume time like a Mustang consumes gas.

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So you must have patience because the settlement may take up to six months, but usually, it is less than three months. After the settlement, the money of the client is returned to his original account, and Money back charges its fee from this amount only. If the money is not recovered, which is very rare, then Money Back charges absolutely no commission.

Consultation And Recovery

The consultation service of Money Back enables traders to talk to expert traders to evaluate the legitimacy of a broker whom they are planning to work with in the future. As I have mentioned above, that Money Back possesses experience of more than four years of dealing with scammers and fraudulent trading platforms, and this vast experience proves pivotal for traders. Through this service, many traders have avoided losing funds to unregulated and notorious brokerage platforms.

Upon contact, the Money-Back team supplies the customer with all the details about the platform that he is considering selecting. As it is an everyday work of Money Back, it takes only a few hours to check the whole background of the firm. After getting the reply from Money Back representatives, the clients come in a position to make a better and well-learned decision. This service is a dream come true for newbies because, in this way, their fear of getting scammed elevates, and they focus on trading and earning money.

In some unlucky cases, clients contact Money-Back after transferring money to scammers’ accounts. In such a scenario, the firm initiates a recovery protocol at once because the time for a consultation has been wasted by the client. Then all the focus of the agents shifts to recovery, and they try to trace the scammer to recover the money as soon as possible.

International Banking

Not just the consultation and recovery services, but it is also included in Money Back’s aims to reduce international banking crimes. Such crises are on the rise on a national and international level these days. These crimes not just affect traders but also impair the financial markets a great deal.

For this noble cause, Money-Back transfers the collected information with regulatory authorities and investigation agencies to bring the criminal activities under check. In addition to this, Money-Back has helped police investigations on various instances to trace the fraudsters.

Many times Money Back has trapped agents of fraudulent groups by working with fraud prevention units and providing full cooperation. The firm participates in projects aiming to create awareness about online banking crimes so that people don’t get exploited in the future and stay away from fraudulent brokers.

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Merchants And Services Providers

Money-Back itself doesn’t operate as a merchant, but it provides services to other entities. The services it provides include processing, storage, and transmission of clients’ card data. In this way, the information remains secure.

Money-Back itself is not a payment brand. This service of Money Back is getting much appreciation nowadays because many cases have been reported where people lose money because their credit card data got stolen. But when the data has Money Back, then its safety is guaranteed. You can fetch more information about this by contacting the customer support center of the firm.

Fee Structure

The majority of the customers contact Money Back for its recovery services instead of consultation services. It means that those who contact Money Back are already victims and in need of help. So due to this fact, to provide the customers every possible relief, Money-Back is open for negotiation. Roughly, it charges a fee between 7 to 30 percent of the recovered money.

Keep in mind that it only charges a fee if the money gets recovered successfully; otherwise, it charges no fee. If you contact the firm for a consultation, the first consultation session is also provided free of cost. The fee structure proves that the firm is working on a purpose to help the clients and not focused only on earning profits from them.

Customer Support Service of Money Back

No customer rates a platform as a good one if its customer support service is not up to the mark. Money-Back has put stress on this point and delivered a top-notch customer support experience to its clients. This shows the level of its dedication, commitment, and professionalism. It is a point that differentiates it from other recovery platforms available in the market nowadays.

You can contact the customer support representatives through different communication channels. First of all, you can visit the office during working hours from Monday to Friday. But this option is not convenient for every client. Secondly, you can send an email with the details of the problem you have been facing. And thirdly, you can call on the telephone number that is provided on the website of the platform.

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Bottom Line

All the services offered by Money back are acknowledged by its clients as remarkable. The variety of available services, free beforehand consultation, and the experienced team all are outstanding. It may not win 100 percent cases, but its win rate is much higher than other recovery firms.

I would recommend you to consult Money Back before signing up with any brokerage platform and enjoy the free first consultation. But if unluckily you have already been exploited, then you need to gather as much information as you can and contact the firm without wasting any more time.

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