Metaverse – Samsung Metaverse Event Didn’t Quite Go To Plan

This week in a metaverse Samsung for its new Galaxy smartphones held a launch event, in which many people encountered technical difficulties and struggled to gain access.

The event was hosted on Decentraland, a cryptocurrency-focused virtual world that users can create, trade-in, and explore, by the South Korean tech giant on Wednesday.

One of metaverse many efforts, Decentraland can be accessed via a desktop browser. An avatar is created by users through which they can navigate around the blockchain-powered virtual world by using a keyboard and a mouse which is something not exactly instinctive for non-gamers.

The metaverse is either a dystopian nightmare or a utopian dream, depending on your viewpoint. It is associated more commonly with players using smart glasses or headsets allowing them to play, work and live in a virtual world much like the one in the novel and movie “Ready Player One”.

The event took place in a virtual building Samsung 837X built on Decentraland, that Samsung has designed to be a replica of its flagship New York experience center.

CNBC with many others struggled to find the 837X building and when they did, many of them were unable to gain access to it.

Samsung in an emailed statement to CNBC stated that a highly positive response had been given by the visitors and Decentraland community which is seen as a fresh spin into an all-digital world.

Also added that in one of Decentraland’s realms a technical issue, unfortunately, prevented some people from accessing the event. We redirected our visitors to a new entry, by informing them via Twitter, as soon as we knew of the issue.

A large line of people at the main entrance to the 837X building was immediately noticed by CNBC, who were struggling to get in. Some of the users were trying to use their avatars to jump on others people’s heads by climbing to the front of the queue but it didn’t work. The chatbox was full of pleas for help, as the doors wouldn’t open.

CNBC gave up after around 30 minutes of trying to access Samsung’s building in the metaverse and went back to the real world.

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