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Meta Quest AR Dungeons Building

VR developers are working hard in creating exceptional and fascinating apps and AR games through Meta Quest headsets since the Meta (also known as Facebook) released the Passthough+ APK for the public. Dungeon Maker is also included in it which addictive new adventure now accessible through SideQuest, that lets everyone create their personalized medieval dungeons by using a collection of virtual hurdles and traps.

This simple app is a superb specimen of the captivating abilities of Quest’s Passthrough+ tech. Rather than using imitative movements like joystick or teleportation, you would steer your personalized dungeon by utilizing your two feet. Built-in cameras of Quest Passthrough+ will be used for creating your personalized experience of mixed reality based on your location.

You start by using the Touch controls to create the start point somewhere in your real-world space. Then you could select the traps varying from huge spiked ditches to giant swinging ax. You could select any hurdle from the wheel of items and readjust it through a joystick or using your grip controls.

Occlusion Box could also be used for hiding your virtual traps at the backside of the furniture of your real world. To provide the players a feeling of success, you could place points all over the way of your space of the real world. A loud bell activates on reaching the main areas which will let you know that you have successfully achieved the target.

After using this app for some time it can be said with confidence that it is one of the most exceptional Passthough+ VR game illustrations that have been attempted on Quest. Only in very few hours plenty of customized dungeons are created all over the apartment and there are still new tricks you can learn to create the ultimate way.

The virtual traps will not affect the player anyhow so at this time there is no collision and so there is some amount of acting out is also needed from the player’s side. Having said that the developers are hoping for the implementation of new features as well in the coming future, which will include interactive components and some new traps. On Meta Quest through SideQuest, Dungeon Maker is accessible for free, all you required is to set your headset in Developer mode for playing this game.

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