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IoT Framework Released by PTA

A governing framework for internet of things (IoT) and SRD(Short Range Devices) services has been issued by The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The authority give details on Wednesday in a statement that to facilitate operations service of internet of things a regulatory framework was introduced and created by PTA. It also stated that from March 31, 2022 class Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) licensing applications will be accepted by PTA.

PTA told that to develop the IoT ecosystem in Pakistan a regulatory mechanism of the industry will be provided by this framework. Its objective is to promote digital transformation and speed up the growth of IoT services, create IoT-enabled structures in various sectors to automate functions, and offer electronic services to the citizens.

It stated that IoT is used to run digital services and smart city systems like smart meters, smart homes, and transportation and in that way support government’s dream of Digital Pakistan and it is one of the main components in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Noman Ahmed Said SI Global CEO in a statement to The Express Tribune praised PTA for regulatory measures introduction for IoT and stated that this framework is important to check and monitor information and internet accessibility, how widespread and vast it has become now.

According to Said, IoT basically monitor data exchange on a large scale which was a highly sensitive issue therefore, the regulations were necessary to control the rising cybercrime incidences in the country.

He further stated that to protect the data people can take several steps, while these regulations will provide an extra layer of protection to preserve their privacy. He said that the framework will promote IoT ecosystem use and growth, as it has been recently started developing in Pakistan. Furthermore, its public access will drive its usage at an accelerated pace, which will finally lead to the digitalization and automation of different sectors of Pakistan. Exchange of relevant information between the private sector departments and different branches of government will also become easier through IoT.

KhurramShehzad Alpha Beta Core CEO stated that the regulations should have been introduced a long time ago and termed it as an excellent initiative of the government.

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