February 25, 2022 News Of The Week About IoT

The smart blinds of Eve are Thread-compatibleandwhisper-quiet: Kevin went over the new Eve blinds, which connect via Threadand work with HomeKit. The Eve blinds join a slew of high-quality and innovative covering options, including IKEA, Lutron, and Somfy.

IoT is transforming into a business enabler

The IoT devices have long been centered on both the mechanics of deploying connected sensors and the technology itself. But I’m getting ever more ecstatic to see businesses launch that use large amounts of data to develop new products, as well as companies that rely on IoT as an enabler. It’s similar to the transformation from writing onGPS and 4G on mobile phones to writing about Wazeand Ubera few years ago. That’s why I was excited to read about Vida Vanilla, a company that is using sensor-based technologies to increase Vida vanilla in new parts of the globe.

During the pandemic, Comcast sees an increase in the use of health devices in the home: Comcast, the country’s biggest broadband provider, has released some amusing data illustrating the rise in devices connected to home Wi-Fi networks. When comparing the end of 2021 to the end of 2018, Comcast saw 39 times more wearable technology and activity trackers linking to home networks. Pelotons and other connected exercise equipment grew as well, with homes adding nearly 841,000 devices to their networks, 93 times more than in 2018. This isn’t as exciting as it appears since it grew from such a small starting point. However, one in every five households plans to acquire fitness-related devices in the next 12 months, so that’s a pretty big deal, according to the report.

Google intends to alter its privacy policies

 Google is assessing how it shares user data on its smartphones, similar to how Apple tweaked its privacy settings last year to find things simpler for customers to see and opt in to sharing their data with apps and also removed some forms of digital monitoring in email and other services. The company says it will limit data sharing across apps and with third parties within the next two years. Apple’s modifications have been blamed for poor performance of Meta in the most recent fiscal quarter.

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