Crypto Space Vibe Shifting

An article was published last month by Alison P. Davis in which he referred to a vibe shift was not about cryptocurrency. She referred to the transformation of social trends and pop culture especially keeping in view GenZ’s going on dominance in setting trends and cultural significance. Nonetheless, her position was eye-catching because she pointed out something critical which is related to cryptocurrency. The transition into the next Cultural Revolution is noticeable even if it is not visible. We cannot figure it out but we know it is around us. The physical conditions have not changed yet, but the vibes have.

The vibe shift got the attention on Twitter after its publication and in many instances was laughed at. Although the term seems ridiculous, it focused on something real which is taking place in the cryptocurrency space. Silly it may sound in the beginning, there is a shift of vibe taking place in crypto space.

The vibe shift is exactly about the feel, mood, tone, a vibe. In its short history, the vibe shift of crypto is following the changes taking place in technology. Cryptocurrency initially anything goes, encouragement comes from BTC transformation of peer-2-peer (P2P) solution of payments to value store, after that grown into Ethereum which offered the possibility of smart contracts. The optimism has grown into business advantages like DeFi decentralized financing because of legal level-two networking. The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) progress encouraged musicians and artists to join in and not the opposite.

 It is the reality that technology is determining the debate in crypto and DeFi which is also dictating the culture. The argument that it is no longer the case one can only make after technology reaches a particular level of skillfulness and public approval which is the case with DeFi and cryptocurrency. The vibe shift in crypto is certainly a new concept that is taking place in a very fascinating way.

The discussion about cryptocurrency is changing, particularly, but not with regards to the technology itself. People are talking about cryptocurrency as they are directly involved and not because they have just invested their capital. Investors are thinking big about the worldwide role of crypto and not only in terms of getting profit from its mainstream acceptance.

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