BerylBit (BRB) to Hit a High of $0.01277 or a Low of $0.004510

If you had invested in BerylBit (BRB) at the beginning of March, then you must be one of the happiest cryptocurrency investors. This is because BerylBit has observed a huge rally in the past 24-hours that has pushed its value up so high.

At the beginning of March, BerylBit was observing a low price of $0.004311 per BRB. For the next few days, the bulls tried pushing the bears out of the competition but the bears kept pushing harder with strong selling. Therefore, the price of BerylBit was not growing higher, despite all the efforts made by the bulls.

Finally, the bulls mustered enough strength to push harder against the bears, which finally forced the bears to give way. As a result, the price of BerylBit started growing and in the past 24-hours, the rally grew so strong, it has brought BerylBit up to $0.006936 mark.

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This has triggered the bulls and the majority of the investors who preferred staying neutral while the bears continued taking the lead. Now, the majority of these investors are siding with the bulls, supporting the bullish trend. The 539.74% surge in the trading volume is also a confirmation that the trend is bullish for BerylBit.

Positive Approach of the Bulls

At present, all factors such as oscillators, moving averages, and even the RSI are indicating a stronger bullish trend. The rise for BerylBit is currently over 60, which means that the price of BerylBit may continue growing more attractive for neutral investors.

If the price of BerylBit continues growing significantly, even the bearish investors would start changing their preference for BerylBit. The buyers are currently hovering over the low resistance channel, but they are aiming to move to the high resistance channel.

If the bulls are able to increase their buying potential, then the demand for BerylBit may grow big, pushing BerylBit up to $0.009311.

As the support from the bulls grows fiercer against the bears, the rally may grow even stronger. This would cause the value of BerylBit to grow up to $0.01090 per BRB.

Hitting one milestone after another on the high resistance track would inject more confidence into the investors. This would result in pushing BerylBit to the currently recorded top resistance level ($0.01277).

Negative Approach of the Bears

Although the bears have no control over the BerylBit situation at the moment, but it is still necessary to have knowledge of bearish benchmarks set by the sellers.

To achieve lower price levels for BerylBit, the sellers may start selling BerylBit as soon as the bulls bring BerylBit closer to first resistance mark. If the bears prevail, then they may push BerylBit’s price to $0.006242 per BRB.

If the bears start running the show, then they may start pulling the investors to their side. This would push the price of BerylBit down to $0.005306 per BRB.

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