Apple Plans To Launch AR Glasses In 2024 Alongside AR/VR Gadgets

The development and expansion of augmented reality are growing and gaining momentum, with Apple being the latest to come up with a product. Mashable reported that Apple is currently working on releasing an AR device that is expected to be ready by the second quarter of 2022.

However, this is not the first time that Apple glasses have been rumored to be released. But what is clear as the sky is that there is no time frame for the launch of the AR devices by the leading smartphone maker.

Apple’s AR glasses are reportedly dependent on the iPhone due to some design limitations.

More Products on the Way in 2022 and 2023

The company is still working on the development of mixed reality (MR) device that could be compatible with augmented and virtual reality headgear.

However, the MR gadget will be delivered in early 2023 as more tests will be conducted to ascertain its readiness. Meanwhile, the AR and VR devices will undergo more testing in Q3 of this year.

According to the letter written by a tech expert, Jeff Pu, one of the core suppliers for Apple’s products is Luxshare. The tech expert believes that Luxshare’s experience in supplying Apple’s AR products is unrivaled. Pu disclosed that the company would still be a partner with Apple for the duration of 2022 and up to 2024.

Pu noted that the tech company will likely release new AR products in the second quarter of 2024. However, details about the new AR glasses are unavailable; some experts believe the product will rely on the iPhone for its operation.

It is worth noting that Apple has not made any announcement on developing MR, VR, or AR devices. However, a tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, was the first to predict in 2019 that the proposed AR glasses would be utilized as iPhone displays due to design limitations.

The tech firm has not uttered a word to that effect in all the stories about Apple’s launch of AR headsets. Moreover, it is believed that even insiders in the company are not aware of such a development.

The Growth and Expansion of AR and VR

The market size for augmented and virtual reality has grown tremendously over the past few years. Additionally, the global forecast of space is expected to expand at a faster growth rate. 

The adoption of handheld devices like smartphones and glasses and the increased mobile technology use are key factors in the AR technology boom.

More companies are utilizing AR and VR technology to scale their operations and find solutions to pressing issues. At the heart of this trend is the optimization and improved workflow efficiency that the technology provides.

Meanwhile, it is not surprising to hear rumors of Apple developing AR, VR, or MR devices. Its technology has reached a stage that even tech giants cannot afford to overlook.

That said, Apple could add the VR, AR, and MR gadgets to its latest range of popular products for its expanding market.

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