Afropolitan Raises $2.1M Funding To Engage Africa’s Diasporan In Web3

The history of Africa is filled with institutional wrongs against the continent, and Afropolitan is looking to change the narrative. The platform wants to create a global digital space having a real-world impact on Africans living outside Africa.

According to Afropolitan, it has raised $2.1 million in funding to realize its vision of a digital ecosystem for Africans in the Diaspora.

Participants share their motivation for joining the movement to create a digital nation for African Diasporans. Former Coinbase CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, wrote in 2021 about the vision for Afropolitan and how to achieve it.

What is Afropolitan?

Afropolitan was founded by Chika Uwazie and Eche Emole in 2016. It was founded to become a community, bringing African Diasporans together through service, events, and travel. The group seeks to become a decentralized entity and plans to achieve that goal.

Moreover, the group moved to Web3 this year, becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In addition, it has become a digital nation, as revealed by Srinivasan’s view of the group’s evolution.

Afropolitan founders Emole and Uwazie noted that choice is the central focus of establishing the digital nation. The founders believe people of color do not choose a country out of love and trust. 

Emole revealed to Decrypt that black people find themselves on foreign soil mostly by accident or force. By force, Emole opined that it was through slavery or colonialism.

Furthermore, Emole noted that the forming of Afropolitan gave black people the chance to come together, converse, and decide what they wanted. In a self-commendation, the co-founder called Afropolitan the “greatest creation in the Web3 ecosystem.”

Uwazie echoed Emole’s view by adding that establishing Afropolitan gives blacks the power to reimagine what it feels like to have a choice; what it looks like to have a nation powered by Web3 technology, and the ability to do what is required in a real-world scenario.

Afropolitan is DAO-Centric

Afropolitan, as Uwazie revealed, will operate as a DAO. The community will have the governance right to deliberate and vote on a proposal. Other smaller units or sub-DAOs will be included in Afropolitan for the numerous projects towards the broader collective.

The founders of Afropolitan envisioned a space devoid of systemic racism. Emile noted that it is time to do away with global systemic racism by being part of a new digital nation.

Furthermore, Uwazie revealed that NFT collections minted on the Ethereum network would serve as a passport into Afropolitan. The digital country will provide citizens access to services and events using NFTs.

However, the Afropolitan NFT will be made public at an event underway at the NFT NYC.

Meanwhile, the NFT collectibles are based on Afrofuturism design. Uwazie notes that the group is working with a popular NFT artist on developing a unique afro-centric NFT collection.

The founders believe that Web3 is the greatest creation to have emerged in recent years, and having a colored community there is the next step.

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